Membrane protein doesn't funtion at 37 oC.

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Dear readers,
I'm doing reserch on the expression of a ABC transporter in E. coli, 
membrane protein from P. fluorescens.
It functions well below 30 oC but is not functional above 30 oC.
The result could be expected because P. fluorescens is 
psychotrophic bacteria.
But I want to know more details or possible mechanism
 from the view point of molecular biology.
Someone say "protein pertubation above 30 oC"
Others say "hydrophobic mismatch of transmembrane protein above 30 oC."
I have no reference and could not understand the possible mechanism.
Is there anybody who knows well about it? Would you introduce good
Thanks in advance.

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Dear jhahn, 

Did you grow your host cells at 30 or 37 deg C ?
I heard that ABC transporters and membrane proteins are often processed differently as the protein goes through the ER, golgi......
Sorry, no reference here, but you may want to try CFTR and CFTR(delta)F508 in Medline.
The mutant form of CFTR was found to be a functional transporter if the cells are not grown at 37 deg C, but a lower temperature which I have forgotten.
(I picked this up at a Journal Club.)

Hope this is useful info.   :-)

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P.S.  I am merely a GradStudent.
One should take a HUGE grain of salt with whatever I have typed above.
Good Luck.   :-)


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