DNA extraction from histopathology slide

Bryan L. Ford bryan.ford at orst.edu
Tue Sep 29 01:26:57 EST 1998

Hamish Scott wrote:
> Dear all,
> We have a liver needle biopsy that has been stained with ?? (H & E). It
> is vital to extract DNA from this to offer a diagnosis to a family.
> Does anyone have a reliable protocol for exteaction of PCRable DNA from
> something like this?

Dear Hamish:

There are a number of published protocols applicable to this. But to
make things simple and quite reliable I would recommend that you follow
the Qiagen QIAmp Tissue Kit Handbook protocols-- (Qiagen AG, Auf dem
Wolf 4, 4032 Basel Orders 061-3179420-- a new 50 sample kit will cost
you less than $90.00 US). Pay close heed to the Appendix where you will
find a "Protocol for Paraffin-Embedded Tissue" and "Protocol for Crude
Cell Lysates". We have used this kit for many hundreds of small tumor
samples and have never failed to get reasonable PCR results without
regard to the often minuscule tumor size. I believe it is important that
you use a bind/wash/elute system such as QIAmp since you will then not
be in any danger of losing the possibly tiny DNA pellet you might get
with standard techniques that involve ethanol precipitation.

Feel free to contact me if you need further advice.

BTW, I have no connection to Qiagen other than as a customer.


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