Plant DNA extraction method

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Save your $ and try the plant miniprep (scales up perfectly) method of
a year or two ago in biotechniques vol. 20 #6. DNA extraction from
rainforest species (or something like that).  Gives the cleanest DNA I
have seen yet.  You can also modify the protocol to skip CTAB and the
results seem to be as good.

Also see Biotechniques vol. 8 #2.  A simple and rapid method for the
prep. of total plant DNA.

I usually skip RNAse treatments all together and just add a microliter
or two to the final resuspension water/TE.

good luck.

On Fri, 25 Sep 1998 14:30:45 -0600, dewolf at (Diana
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>We use the DNeasy plant extraction kit from Qiagen (I can look up the
>phone number if you like).  It is much quicker than the CTAB method (you
>could do 40 samples in a long day)- the whole process takes only 1 day
>(3-6 hrs depending on # of samples).  The DNA is much cleaner than with
>CTAB, and you get a much higher volume of DNA.  Unfortunately the kit is
>expensive (@$500/kit -> @$2.00/sample)
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>> Hi All
>> I'm finding a fast and cheap method for DNA plant extraction. I'm using
>CTAB method, but it is time consuming,20 samples take one day and half
>including RNAase treatment. Does someone know any method?
>> Thanks in advanced
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