Ericomp would-be buyers beware!

The doctor is IN. aarment at
Tue Sep 29 10:32:08 EST 1998

   Just a word of warning to anyone seeking to purchase a thermocycler.  Our
lab has an Ericomp Deltacycler I which we have had for a little over two years. 
In that time, it has broken down four times; the same problem each time being a
failed heating block.  The cycler is based around Peltier device technology.
Their customer service (insert snicker here) has taken 2-5 weeks to repair and
return the unit and has never sent out a loaner unit despite the warranty on 
the thermocycler and the word of the sale representative.  Our most recent 
breakdown occured 63 days after the last repair and about 90 programs later.

   It is my opinion that this vendor provides an inferior product that is not
worth the lower price, and the scientific community should be aware of this. 
Spend a little more money and get a reliable machine with honest customer

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