densitrometical analysis

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>>>>> "sabine" == sabine Hanelt <hanelt at> writes:

    sabine> Hi netters, we are making nothern blots for enzyme
    sabine> activitiy and especially induced enzyme activity. To
    sabine> analyze the blots we scann them and evaluate them by
    sabine> densitometry. We don't have a program for doing this, so
    sabine> we have to go to other groups to to our analysis.  Now we
    sabine> are planing to buy a programm for denstometric analysis
    sabine> and my question now is which program is the best and the
    sabine> less expensive?  Hope that you can help me.  Thank's in
    sabine> advance Sabine

I wouldn't like to say which program is best as this can be very
subjective. I am very happy with Tn-Image which is a scientific image
analysis program by Thomas J. Nelson. capable of gel and blot
densitometry. It is free for various Unices and for DOS:

It has a nice manual too.

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