esterase staining in plastic

Dirk Jochmans, HQ Mechelen, Belgium Dirk.jochmans at
Thu Apr 1 08:11:38 EST 1999

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We would like to perform a non-specific esterase stain using alpha-naphtyl=
acetate. We would like to do this in a plastic culture bottle in which=20
adherent macrophages/monocytes are cultured. The problem is the fixation=20
step. A lot of kits use aceton in their procedures, we believe this could=
react with the plastic?
Is there somebody out there that already did a non-specific esterase=20
staining in culture bottles, and what fixation procedures did you use?
Or is there a way to collect the monocytes/macrophages without loosing=20
their esterase positivity?

Dirk Jochmans
dirk.jochmans at

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