Cannot observe genomic DNA when digesting with Sau3AI

Hiranya S. Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Mon Apr 5 10:17:17 EST 1999

At 03:24 AM 4/5/99 -0700, Gunnaporn - Veerachato wrote:
>Dear all
>             I have extracted genomic DNA from elephant's blood. I can
observe the DNA when loading 10 mcl in 0.5%agarose gel electrophoresis. Its
size is about 23 kb. Then I tried to digest it with Sau3AI by 10-fold
diluting the Sau3AI  by water, from 10 u-0.001u. I would like to select the
band at around 300-600 bp. However, after running 1% agarose gel
electrophoresis, I cannot observe anything except the long smear band in the
lane using Sau3AI 10 u. Could you please give me some advice to solve my
>Gunnaporn  Veerachato 

You should expect a smear of on the gel following Sau3AI digestion of any
genomic DNA.

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