detection of unknown point mutations in DNA

Heyko Skladny skladny at
Thu Apr 8 08:41:32 EST 1999

Actually I would like to submit PCR-products of patients with cystic
fibrosis (or similar diagnosis) to a mutation detection system, that
should be able to detect point mutations as well as small deletions
(heterozygous situation). The PCR products are between 100-350 bp in
length and are obtained by a routinely
screening for some of the most common CF-mutations. Sometimes none of
the mutations screened by ARMS-PCR is detectable, therefore a detection
system capable of detecting unknown mutations is desirable (like SSCP).
Does anyone out there uses SSCP for similar diagnosis and can give me
some advice concernig this method (acrylamide concentration, recepe, run

length etc)? This would be very kind!

any suggestions are welcome


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