DNA recovery from agarose gel - best protocol ?

Josh Neufeld neufeld at paprican.ca
Mon Apr 12 19:10:01 EST 1999

In article <70db56c3.24438e98 at aol.com>,
  BLangrand at aol.com wrote:
> Hi, I have a 2kb DNA insert to recover from a 1 % agarose gel. I used several
> methods : enzymatic digestion of agarose, dialysis, but none of them gave me
> a great efficiency. Any suggestion for the protocol allowing maximal
> efficiency ? Thanks, Carole

Carole, I isolate 1.2 and 1.9 kb fragments frequently and found that a
low-melting point (LMP) agarose extraction following the protocol of Maniatis
manual works better than the other methods I have tried.  It is also fairly
easy and reliable.  Feel free to email me with further questions. Also, your
question was asked recently by someone else and was answered fairly well by
several people.  Try searching this newsgroup for "agarose extraction" and
you will find them. Josh.

Josh Neufeld (B. Agr. microbiology)
Graduate Student
Macdonald Campus of McGill University/
Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada

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