Maxiprep for transfection

Fri Apr 16 19:35:32 EST 1999

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999 bli1997 at wrote:

> Hi, I tried to maxiprep a plasmid using the method in "Current protocol", but
> it seemed part of the plasmid wes always resistant to digestion. Anybody
> knows what was happenning there? Was it because of alkyline treatment? How
> should I modify the method?
> Also, I was considering Wisard Maxiprep. Has anyone tried it for
> transfection? I was told that it worked OK if you reextract it with phenol,
> which removes the endotoxin that the Wisard resin leave. Anyone tried?
> Your advice is highly appreciated.


Now they came with a new kit for transfection called Wizard Purefection
plasmid DNA purification system. 

more info

I did not try this product but I hope the information will be useful.



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