reliable plasmid cloning of pcr products

Bruce J. Turner fishgen at
Thu Apr 22 10:08:15 EST 1999

Hello all.  I'm new to this list, so if an archive already exists about
this topic, please simply refer me to it.

We have been using several different kits for the cloning of ordinary pcr
products, generally less than 1 ib in length.  Each of these has worked
once or twice, but it has been very hard to get consistent, reliable
results over the long term.  We are now in a situation where we have to
clone lots of these products, instead of only one or two at a time, and the
inconsistenccy we have had so far can really hurt us. I would appreciate
knowing what people are using for reliable cloning of pcr products:
modifications of insert, plasmid strains, host bacteria, etc.   Thanks very

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