reliable plasmid cloning of pcr products

Daniel Schlieper aeg17 at
Fri Apr 23 03:12:47 EST 1999

Hello Bruce,

Roche's "PCR cloning kit (blunt end)" is reliable in my hands. It
works for Taq generated PCR products as well. When they are long 
(> 5 kb) they need to be polished. 

Best regards, Daniel

fishgen at ("Bruce  J. Turner") writes:

> Hello all.  I'm new to this list, so if an archive already exists about
> this topic, please simply refer me to it.
> We have been using several different kits for the cloning of ordinary pcr
> products, generally less than 1 ib in length.  Each of these has worked
> once or twice, but it has been very hard to get consistent, reliable
> results over the long term. [...]

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