MEGABASE DNA recovery from gel

Tom Knight tk at
Fri Apr 23 16:22:29 EST 1999

"R. Johnson" <REPLY at TO.GROUP> writes:
> we need to recover individual chromosomes from pulsed field gel
> electrophoresis gels and our conditions require the use of Chromosomal
> grade agarose. 

You might try electroelution into buffer.  I've seen one protocol in
which you cut a hole downstream of the desired band, and continue
running the gel until the DNA is in the well.  But you want to think
hard about what you plan on doing with the DNA after you get it out of
the gel.  It certainly will break if you try to pipette it, e.g.  You
may want to leave it there, and perform RE digestions, etc. in place,
as described in Birren's books.

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