Displaying a sequence homology in a presentation package!

Ned Mantei mantei at cell.biol.ethz.ch
Sun Apr 25 06:19:00 EST 1999

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Chris at scotgate2.demon.co.uk wrote:

> Hi all,
> now this may seem a little bit of a daft question, and maybe a 
> little offtopic!, but.....
> How do people display something such as a sequence homology
> text file in something such as a presenation package?
> Basically my problem is this, most fonts in most presentation
> type apps are proportional. Then if you import a text file
> with a few sequences aligned (using pileup from GCG!)
> changing to a proportional font, totally screws up the
> alignment.

Use a font such as Courier. If you want it to look particularly good, buy
the font "Genefont" from the DNAStar company--it's designed for presenting
nucleotide and amino acid sequences.

Ned Mantei
Dept. of Cell Biology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland

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