express hybridization recipe wanted!

Frederik Boernke boernke at
Sun Aug 1 03:58:26 EST 1999


AFAIK Stratagene is selling this, take a look at their catalogue. I think it is

called Quickhyb Solution or something.


Thomas Duchaine schrieb:

> Hi.
> Some friends of mine told me it was possible to hybridize a Southern or a
> Northern blot, without a hybridization oven, in a matter of one or two
> hours. They did so using a "magical" solution provided by some "magical"
> company. Is anyone here currently using such a solution and, by any chance,
> would know the recipe and would be so nice to be sharing it with me?
> :-)
> Thanks in advance!
> Thomas Duchaine
> PhD student
> Molecular Biology program
> Universite de Montreal
> duchaint at

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