DNA sterilization before transfection

Ian A. York iayork at panix.com
Mon Aug 2 11:24:44 EST 1999

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Dr. Robert Gay <r.gay at unsw.edu.au> wrote:
>I'm looking for an alternative way of sterilizing DNA before transfection.

I "semi-sterilize" my DNA before transfecting with it and  I see
contamination in less than 1/100 transfections.  All I do is spin the DNA
in a minifuge for about 5 minutes, full speed, before I transfect.  Bugs
get pulled to the pellet (which you can't actually see); take the DNA from
the top.

Obviously, this isn't sterile; but as I say, in practice it works very
well, since I don't get contamination.  It's hard to get simpler, and you
don't lose any DNA.

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