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Tue Aug 3 16:34:19 EST 1999

Since your email address was listed on a related page, I 
thought you might help. I am seeking to secure an individual 
within the following conditions:

A scientist to work in a lab that is working with technology 
development systems that deal with gene regulation in 
viruses. The candidate should have a very strong 
background in Molecular Biology focusing on mechanisms 
of eukaryotic transcription regulation and experience with 
high level expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian 
cells. This position will focus on all aspects of mammalian 
expression. We would like to explore and develop new 
expression vectors for transient and stable expression, new 
selection and amplification methods, and evaluate/develop 
new expression systems. 

Much of this work currently involves evaluation of 
expression by FACS. The ideal candidate will also develop 
systems that facilitate the study of structure/function 
relationships in ligand-receptor models. 

The candidate should possess a PhD degree in the Biological 
Sciences, 3 years postdoctoral experience and between 2 and 
5 years industrial experience. Our client is a leading bio-tech 
company with research facilities in New York and can 
provide excellent benefits (health insurance, dental, and 
vision plan, paid vacation and more). A high impact, high 
profile position with excellent opportunity for advancement. 

If you know anyone that might be interested, please forward 
this item to them or contact:
Barry Gilfillan
Diedre Moire Corporation
Voice: 609-584-8733 Ext. 235
Fax: 609-584-9575
Email: 915613 at
Thank You

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