Tag Primer

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Wed Aug 4 08:54:06 EST 1999

I think most Oligo synthesis companies can tag primers with certain dyes.  You 
just need to know which dye you want and whether that company has it available. 
 I know genosys did alot of dye primers for us where I used to work and we had 
good luck with them.


In article <7o95qi$ocm$2 at violet.singnet.com.sg>, wychong at mbox3.singnet.com.sg 
>Hi! I'm very interested in tagging my primers for PCR with a dye or any
>other tag for that matter. However, I heard from my research supervisor that
>there is no current primers that is tagged by dye. I will like to know if
>tagging the primer with a dye is really possible. If there are any companies
>or any ideas that I can use to tag a dye to a primer. Your help will be very
>much appreciated. Thank you.
>Kelvin Chong

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