any useful dye markers for PAA gels (additional to BP and XC) ?

Juergen Brosius at
Thu Aug 5 05:11:20 EST 1999

For native acrylamide gels (run in Tris-glycine buffer) we are looking for
dyes that would migrate slower than bromophenolblue (BP) or xylene cyanol
(XC).  Stained proteins are OK but not as desirable.  The marker's
migration behaviour differs depending on the running buffer.  E.g. BP runs
faster than XC in Tris-borate, but the order is reversed in Tris-glycine. 
So even if you have only experience with an additional dye in one buffer
(such as TBE) you may name it and we try its migration in our respective

Thanks for any hints,

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