plasmid prep kits?

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Thu Aug 5 11:33:24 EST 1999

In article <7oc9b3$dg9$1 at>, rprestonic at wrote:

> If this is a FAQ, let me know, but I'm wondering if
> there's a good medium-scale (100-500ml) plasmid prep
> kit in use these days, or is CsCl still the way to go.
> I haven't cloned since the stone age ten years ago and
> I suspect there might be improvements (convenience,
> purity) since then? ;-)
> Rob Preston
> Pgh PA

I've used many different mid-size prep kits over the years and we've gone
back to PEG-NaCl preparation.  We get good yields and it works for our
applications.  If you need supercoiled DNA, say for
transfection/transcription assays, you might want to CsCl purify still.


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