plasmid prep kits?

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at
Thu Aug 5 13:20:49 EST 1999

Colin Rasmussen wrote:

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> > If this is a FAQ, let me know, but I'm wondering if
> > there's a good medium-scale (100-500ml) plasmid prep
> > kit in use these days, or is CsCl still the way to go.
> > I haven't cloned since the stone age ten years ago and
> > I suspect there might be improvements (convenience,
> > purity) since then? ;-)
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> > TIA
> > Rob Preston
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> I've used many different mid-size prep kits over the years and we've gone
> back to PEG-NaCl preparation.  We get good yields and it works for our
> applications.  If you need supercoiled DNA, say for
> transfection/transcription assays, you might want to CsCl purify still.
> Colin

We´ve also used many of the commercial kits just because they were free
samples form sales reps. In general, all these kits do their job, of course.
I´d say Qiagen-kits are "standard" in many labs. Their kits come in
different sizes, and if you take care not to overload the columns they yield
good DNA.
Well, having said that, I would recommend you stay with CsCl, as we do. The
DNA is superior, no matter what sales reps may ever tell you. Not without
reason, many companies state their kits yield DNA "similar to CsCl". But, of
course, if you are in a hurry, a column-based kit will do.


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