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> > >Does anybody any simple chemical(s) other than DEPC which can
> > >neutralize RNase?   Jeff
> >
> > I'm sure someone in this newsgroup within the last year mentioned
> > dimethylpyrocarbonate.
> > ... was obviously not as toxic as DEPC but still killed
> > RNases.
> >
> > Duncan
> G'day,
>  such claims intrigued me a lot two years ago and I asked a chemist about
> what he thinks -> DMPC is WAY more UNstable than DEPC in acqueous
> solutions!
>  Therefore, I switched back to DEPC, when no chaotropic
> salts/detergents/etc. present; for the rest I just use good quality (HPLC)
> water and clean material...
>  BTW, there was a method described (Biochemica by BM) to treat in situ
> sections with DEPC to inactivate the RNases... anybody compared this with
> DMPC yet?
>  Of course (!), I wonder what would happen to the mRNA on those slides...
> Greetings,
>  Roland

Since D(E/M)PC modifies nucleic acids as well, I would think that the
greater instability of DMPC in water would be an advantage, since there
would be a lesser chance that some would remain in solution when it came
in contact with the RNA.

However, I agree that if you have good water and good reagents, you
don't need it at all. I haven't used DEPC in years, and my RNA hasn't


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