Problem with ECV304 cells ??

Frank Pajonk fpajonk at
Wed Aug 11 19:35:52 EST 1999

> Hi.
> I am a researcher for new drug specially antiangiogenic.
> Dose anyone know the information about this cell line. I heard this
> has some problems but don't know what problems exactly.

The problem is that it is not an endothelial cell line.

I could not find it online at ATCC anymore. But you can still get the
description at

"...described a being spontaneously immortalized from the umbilical cord
vein of a new-born Japanese boy in 1984; cells were described to have a high
proliferative potential in the absence of any growth factors; however, DNA
fingerprinting at DSMZ showed clearly that this cell line is in reality a
derivative of human urinary bladder carcinoma cell line T-24..."

Hope that helps


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