Turkey or Chicken Erythrocytes

David L. Haviland dhavilan at IMM2.IMM.UTH.TMC.EDU
Fri Aug 13 10:37:55 EST 1999

Rick Bright wrote:
> I need to do some hemagglutination inhibition assays, but can't find a
> source for turkey or chicken red blood cells.
> Can someone tell me where I can purchase them, please.
> Rick


This subject came up on the flow cytometry listserv and from an older
message here are a couple of starting points.

From: "Janette" <janette at amcell.com>

Another source of CRBC's and CEN's is BioSure in Grass Valley,
sell flow cytometry products which include a series of BioSure Liquid
Phone:  (800) 345-2267 and Fax:  (916) 273-5097.  You can also visit
their web
site at http://www.riese.com.
by Private email..


I saw your inquiry regarding chicken red blood cells on
the Purdue Cytometry Mailing List.  Our company, Riese
Enterprises, Inc.: BioSure Division, manufactures
glutaraldehyde fixed chicken red blood cells as well as
other cytometry controls.   We can also supply whole
blood from chickens, trout  or other sources.  Please
review our Web site, www.biosure.com or www.riese.com.
for controls, reagents and other laboratory products.
If  I can assist you in developing a custom control or
reagent, please call me at (800) 345-2267.
Richard Riese
From: "Dennis J. Young" <djyoung at UCSD.Edu>

I used to use Colorado Serum Company, but haven't used their fresh blood
over 10 years!


4950 York Street - P.O. Box 16428
Denver, Colorado 80216-0428
To Order: 1-800-525-2065
Fax: 1-303-295-1923
And from my original note (edited):

Well, it turns out that if anyone want fresh CRBC one need look no
than Lampire Biological Labs, P.O. Box 270, Pipersville, PA. 
Voice/ 215.795.0237 Fax.  They have a web site at http://www.lampire.com
>from which info and a catalog can be obtained.  


Formally to Alice and Jill, and all else who wondered... Yes it is an
as in Lampire!  Although given the products supplied, I agree that a "V"
could be comically substituted.  However, I doubt webbing to
www.vampire.com would render useful information about CRBCs and their
in flow cytometry...  

Hope this helps,
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