TBE precipitation

Sam Michaelson sam.michaelson at dsto.defence.gov.au.ANTISPAM
Sun Aug 15 21:35:33 EST 1999

Colin Rasmussen wrote:

> XL wrote:
> >
>  As many of you may already notice that 10XTBE will precipitate after
> > the stock is used/opened.
> I think the borate has a tendency to ppt. with time.  We found in the
> past that autoclaving it helps for some reason.  Alternatively, make 5 x
> TBE.  That always solves the problem.

We routinely make up TBE as 5x, and while it does stay in solution for longer than
10x, eventually it starts to precipitate.  BioRad (and possibly other companies)
are offering pre-mixed cask packs of 10xTBE for sale; presumably, they've come up
with some way to prevent precipitation.  The autoclaving thing is interesting
though - we never bother because we're only using it to run gels - anybody got any
idea why autoclaving would stave off precipitation?

Sam Michaelson
DSTO Australia

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