Trapeze telomerase kit problem

Rob Jordan rjordan at
Mon Aug 16 12:35:17 EST 1999

I've been using Intergen's Trapeze telomerase detection kit for a while now,
and I'm having problems with fuzzy bands. When I run the pcr products out I
get fuzzy, indistinct bands rather than the nice ladders you see in the
manual. The Intergen people say the problem is that I'm using precast gels,
but that seems like kind of a cop out since I've sometime run the pcr
products with a DNA ladder and that lane looks fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions (besides pouring my own gels)? I'm using
Novex 10% (and sometimes 20%--they look exactly the same) TBE gels. I'm also
using 32P endlabeled primers, but now we have a laser scanner so I could use
a DNA stain instead if that would help.


Robert Jordan
Radiation Biology Laboratory
University of Washington Medical Center
Box 356069
Seattle, WA 98105

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