Yeast Two Hybrid System - Web Resources?

Valmik K. Vyas valmik at
Tue Aug 17 03:05:42 EST 1999

Sounds like a great idea! I guess I have been pretty spoiled by having lots of
people around me who do two-hybrid almost daily...but still there is not a good
centralized place to find information on the subject.  Seems like the more
recent websites that I have seen which have two-hybrid stuff are those
dedicated to explaining some vast genomic scale interaction map project (like
that of Stan Fields)...a clear centralized region to address issues like
expression levels of different vectors, different reporters, etc. would be very
My one suggestion would be to get a link to your page from the SGD (@
stanford), so you can get enough traffic from people who use the system
Feel free to contact me if you need any help...either in making the page or
regarding experience with particular vectors.  I am a graduate student in the
lab of Marian Carlson.  We do quite a bit of two-hybrid...not genomic scale,
but enough....
Take care, and good luck!

biosci-request at, Barry Young wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Sifting through the results of my latest two-hybrid screen, I decided to
> have a quick browse round the net to see what the current state of play was
> with the yeast two hybrid system. Surprisingly, their doesn't seem to be
> that much information out there; or rather it all seems to be pretty
> disparate. It seems a little strange to me that for a system that has so
> many little tricks and tips, and with such a huge variety of strains,
> vectors, reporters, etc, that there aren't any centralised web sites devoted
> to this sort of thing.
> So to get to the point, I was thinking of setting up a site to cater for
> users of the two-hybrid system. Somewhere that tied together all the loose
> ends, so protocols, vector maps and sequences, various kit suppliers, etc,
> and maybe some sort of discussion forum where people could compare
> experiences (I appreciate that BIONET/USENET exists for this, but I'm not
> sure how many people use this compared with the web).
> Anyway, this is just a starting point, but I think it could be quite useful.
> So if you've got any suggestions or comments, then please get in touch with
> me. Replies get to me fastest at: b.young at
> Thanks for listening,
> Barry Young
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