Need Apo-B 3`Minisatellite Allelic ladder

mueschol mueschol at
Wed Aug 18 04:06:45 EST 1999

Dear scientific community,
I am working on the minisatellite of the (human) apolipoprotein B gene,
located 200 bp downstream of the last poly-A signal (ref: Boerwinkle E
et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 86: 212-216, 1989, primer sequences: P1
atg gaa acg gag aaa tta tg, P2 cct tct cac ttg gca aat ac) and I am
desperately seeking an allelic ladder for this system. If anybody has
such a ladder or an allelic cocktail to provide me an aliquot, it would
be great. Thank you in advance,

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