Problems with ODing Maxiprep

Rick00100 rick00100 at
Thu Aug 19 16:57:10 EST 1999

It's not silly at all...I have the service rep come and calibrate the spec
about 2 months ago (when I started hvaing problems).  I also started using
brand new cuvettes then.  Funny thing is that I can take the same cuvettes and
OD my maxi preps with the same machine in another lab!!

>>Guys,  based on my OD260 I'm getting nanograms/ul of dsDNA.  When I ran the
>>same amount on a gel, I got >2 micrograms/ul.  Can you explain that?
>Silly question - when was the last time you (a) cleaned the cuvettes, (b)
>calibrated the spec?

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