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Really?  Thanks Duncan.  I was told Gold used a mAb.


"Dr. Duncan Clark" wrote:

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> >For Amplitaq gold (PE) and Platinum Taq (Life Technologies), they use monoclonal
> >antibodies directed against the active site.
> Not for AmpliTaq Gold only Platinum Taq.
> AmpliTaq Gold is chemically modified and has a patent granted for the
> side chain modification agent they use along with claims for any other
> agents of the same chemical structure. The modification is pH sensitive
> as in reversible at low pH i.e. as you take your Tris PCR reaction
> buffer from RT to 94C it's pH drops sufficiently low enough to
> reactivate the pol. Very neat and darned difficult to find something
> that has a similar effect but is outside the patent claims.
> Then again it has proved quite difficult in house to force a PCR to fail
> such that hot start is needed. Spiking v.low copies of a target into
> human genomic has not reliably produced results similar to those
> published in the original antibody or oligo inhibitor papers.
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