High Titer Bacteriophage Production?

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>We are currently using MS2 bacteriophage in fairly large volumes, and are
>currently being limited to about 10^12 pfu/mL. Does anyone have any
>suggestions for increasing the titer? We would really prefer to get titers
>in the 10^20 range (if possible), as our experiments require A LOT of phage.

The titre is dependant on the burst size of the phage/host which is
fixed by the phage/host combination itself. With MS2 and E.coli B host
you will be doing well to get close to 10E12/ml i.e. 10E15/litre. To get
10E20 you will have to grow 100,000 litres. There is no way around this
as far as I know. Titres of 10E12/ml are high as phage titres go for
infected cells. 

10E20 is a lot of phage. I haven't worked it out but it must be grams of
RNA. What are you doing with it?


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