Anyone using the SEQ 4X4 Sequencer

drdad at drdad at
Mon Aug 23 09:37:53 EST 1999


I am considering the purchase of an automated sequencing system and the
Amersham SEQ 4X4 Personal Sequencing System has caught my eye as it is in
the lower price range.  But since it is a new unit, I am hesitant to spend
money on an unproven system.

Has anyone used this sequencer?  Does it perform as Amersham describes? 
We now use manual sequencing with Sequenase II and 33-P, but would like to
convert to an automated system to save some time.  I have one technician
who spends about 1 week per month doing only sequencing reactions and
running the gels.  I manually read the gels into MacVector through the IBI
Gel Reader.

Thanks for your help,

Felix Guerrero
drdad at

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