High Titer Bacteriophage Production?

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at uni-konstanz.de
Tue Aug 24 05:32:39 EST 1999

Chris Boyd wrote:

> Frank O. Fackelmayer (Frank.Fackelmayer at uni-konstanz.de) wrote:
> : Well, let´s see. If a phage particle is assumed to be round (for easier
> : calculations) with a diameter of around 50nm (50E-9m), its volume is roughly
> : 1.6E-23m3 (4/3*pi*r3). For 1E20 phages, that is 0.0016m3, or  1.6 *LITERS* of
> : phage particle volume. Quite hard to get that in one ml, I guess. For the titer
> : you have, 1E12/ml, phage particle volume is smaller by a factor of 1E8, or is
> : 0.016microliters. THAT goes in a ml...
> : Enough for the calculations, a titer of 1E12 per ml is great for all phages I
> : know. If you need more phages, use a larger culture volume.
> : PS: please correct me in case my calulations are wrong. I´m not that good in
> : mathematics....
> I'm sorry to say your calculation IS wrong (the volume you give for a
> single phage is 25% of proper value), but it does not materially alter
> the conclusion.

Hi Chris,
I knew I´d make a mistake in the calculations. Sorry.

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