Phage F1 (IR1)

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> Does any recognise the following E.coli bacteriophage F1 (IR1). It's
> sitting in an old box of phage stocks in the fridge and I think it is
> R408 helper phage or another F1 helper phage for phagemid isolations. It
> is a few years old and I need my memory jogging on it. 

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I'm not sure if this is the same phage but could it be f1 (lowercase 'f')?
If so then it is a filamentous male-specific phage of E. coli which is
related to the fd phage. The IR1 designation likely comes from
"interference resistant". You might wish to look for the following refs
(your've likely already got them in your files):

Nucleic Acids Res 1985 Feb 25;13(4):1103-18 
Single stranded DNA SP6 promoter plasmids for engineering mutant RNAs and
proteins:synthesis of a 'stretched' preproparathyroid hormone.
Mead DA, Skorupa ES, Kemper B

Gene 1994 Dec 30;151(1-2):103-8 
Vectors with the fd replicon for in vivo cloning and analysis of genes.
Osusky M, Stuchlik S, Zamocky M, Dubaova M, Janitorova V, Turna J



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