Vectors for long range PCR products

John R. McQuiston zje8 at
Tue Aug 24 07:25:33 EST 1999

We tried Invitrogen's Topo XL kit and didn't have much success.  We've used the 
TOPO TA kit with great success for <4kb.
We're working in the 10-15kb range and found that cutting it into a few pieces 
and subcloning works best.  However this may not be what you need if you have 
to have it intact.  


John R. McQuiston
CDC Atlanta. 

In article <FGyJL0.DJt at news.nsw.CSIRO.AU>, d.adelson at says...
>We have recently used 5' RACE for the first time, and to our amazement it has
>given us a huge product, ca. 15 kb (in agreement with our Northern data for 
>gene in question).  What we now need is a vector (preferably plasmid) that 
>take such a large insert.  This is an awkward size range. Does anyone have any
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