DNA extraction from gel

Tomasz Stadejek stadejek at piwet.pulawy.pl
Fri Aug 27 08:07:50 EST 1999

>      I am going to extract DNA from gel for making in-situ hybridization
> probes that the traces of agarose remained in the DNA is not desirable.
> Besides that, I need to do several probes that impossible to use this
> time-consuming method which yield low quality DNA.
>      I have heard of the method of using some kind of gel solubilizer to
> melt the gel first then bind DNA with resin.  After that, wash the
> solution with low salt solution first and then elute the DNA from resin
> with high salt solution.  However, I am not certain for the ingredients
> of these solutions and the exact procedures or protocol for that method.
>      I am eager for protocol for that kind of gel extraction method.
>      Thanks a lot.

There are kits by Qiagen, Bio101 and probably by many other companies. These
I know are based on gel solubilization by NaI. High salt concentration make
DNA bound to silica gel (silica particles, silica membrane or whatever),
then washing the resin with alcohol and elution with water. These methods
work well as RNA/DNA extraction methods too if you substitute NaI with


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