DNA extraction from gel

Martin grey at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Fri Aug 27 17:35:22 EST 1999

Try this one, its simple and fast. Filter disks of suitable size can
be obtained from e.g. Schleicher&Schuell (normally used for
Good luck

Curr Genet 1992 Jul;22(1):83-4 
Rapid and simple isolation of DNA from agarose gels.
Grey M, Brendel M
Institut fur Mikrobiologie, J. W. Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt/Main,
Federal Republic of Germany.  Abstract:
We present a simple method for the isolation of DNA from agarose gels
that is economic, fast, and independent of electrical
equipment. DNA fragments of up to 6 kb can be easily extracted within
5 min using a disposable plastic syringe and filter paper. Total
extraction of DNA fragments between 10 and 20 kb in size is achieved
by concentrating the DNA flushed from the gel in a
DNA-binding column. 

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