Gina Berardesco gbe392 at
Sat Aug 28 19:09:18 EST 1999

That works fine with the 'stand alone' pcr tubes, but I really prefer using
the tubes that come in strips of eight. 


Neil McKenna (nmckenna at wrote:
> Paul S. Brookes. (brookes at wrote:

> > You can adapt 1.5ml micro-fuge rotors to accept 0.5ml tubes by cutting the lids
> > off 1.5ml tubes and using them as liners.   I assume the same principle can be
> > taken one step further by adapting 0.5ml tubes to accept pico-pcr tubes?

> That's what I used to do... depending on the speed of the centrifuge that
> you are going to be using, you might even be able to use the 0.5 mL tube only.

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