molbiol method book?

Nina Baltes nibaltes at
Sun Aug 29 07:17:31 EST 1999

"Gys de Jongh" <GysdeJongh at> wrote:

First of all: I took no offense at your first post :-)

>> I do not want to do my work cheap. I want a book that I can read at
>> home, and I'm not about to buy a ten year old book that we already
>> have at the lab when it is as expensive as it is.
>Thats my point : you should not buy it ; your boss should.

What I want is abook for reading at home. I spend enough tome at the
lab as it is :-). I don't think I can expect my boss to buy books for
each of their employees.

>> But hey, maybe I could get my boss to buy it for the whole lab and it
>> won't cost me a cent!
>I really think so. For a boss , providing good equipment is the main mission
>target .( as they may formulate themselves) I also think that PhD students
>should be better rewarded for their contribution to the expansion of the
>knowledge of mankind. 

The concept of a PhD program is brandnew in Germany. My school (School
of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover) is the first to have introduced it.
We're the first 20 guineapigs :). We have other things to be concerned
about at the moment,  international acceptance of our program for

We do of course have books at the lab, and my boss's personal
bookshelf is for everyone to use.  We have the Maniatis, and the
Practical Approach series on CD.

I am really just looking to expand my personal library, as all I have
at the moment is "Gene Cloning" by T.A. Brown and "Genes" by B. Lewin
I already got some great suggestions,and the one you mentioned seems
to be the most promising.
If it has what I want, I'll ask if we can buy a copy for the lab as
well, I don't think that would be a problem.


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