How can make a >4% agarose gel?

Frank Lee sw12345 at
Mon Aug 30 18:24:02 EST 1999

I always use 4% NuSieve low melting temperature agarose to separate my small DNA
template (~100bp).  For even smaller DNA template, such as less than 80bp, I
would recommend to use nondenaturing polyacrylamide. Metaphor agarose is more
expensive and hard to make 4% gel.

"John R. McQuiston" wrote:

> I would use Metaphor agarose at 2.5 - 3.0%.  It'll resolve to 4 bp easily.
> It boils over easily in a microwave so go slowly.
> John
> In article <37CA7D47.78AB3D1D at>, genetic_judge at says...
> >
> >I find that 2% agarose solution in 1x TAE is already quite viscous. Is
> >it technically possible to prepare 4% or more agarose gel? If yes, then
> >how to achieve that and how about the resolution of agarose gel when
> >compared with that of polyacrylamide gel for size below 100bp?
> >
> >Sorry for so many questions.
> >Thanks in advance.

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