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"Ian A. York" wrote:

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> >> What is the purpose in using iodoacetamide for protein isolation. (I
> >
> >Iodoacetamide is an alkylating reagent for cysteines.
> >Strange to use it during a protein purification. Normally it's used to
> Iodoacetamide is (among many other things) a protease inhibitor,
> irreversibly inhibiting (not surprisingly) cysteine proteases.  It's often
> used in protein purification for exactly that reason.
> Ian

Hi Ian,
I also know iodoacetamide as an alkylating reagent for cysteines, but have
not been aware of its use as protease inhibitor. Its action against cysteine
proteases is plausible, of course, even though it might not be desirable to
irreversibly modify cysteines on the protein that is to be purified.... Can
you give use references as to the concentration people use to use for this
purpose? Somewhere in the millimolar range?


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