Yeast medium

Byung-Hoon Kim at
Thu Dec 2 12:49:44 EST 1999

Hi everyone,

I have a question about yeast medium and yeast growth.
Using a galatose inducible S. cerevisiae expression system., I am trying

to coexpress two plant proteins.
The standard medium would be <Yeast Nitrogen Base, 2% Galactose, and
Systhetic Drop out for selection>
But I couldn't get the expression (at the level of western analysis) of
the two proteins at the same time.

I could get the coexpressed proteins when I reduced the galactose
concentration to 0.5%.
(In addition to 0.5% galactose, 1.5% Glycerol was added.)

The question is whether this medium could have a negative effect for
normal physiological state in yeast.
Because one of my proteins is stress regulatory protein, I'm afraid that

the modified medium triggers a stress reaction and interfere my futher
experiment. Of course I think the coexpression of foreign proteins
itself is a kind of stress, but I'd like to exclude any other possible
stress factors.

I appricate any comment.

Byung-Hoon Kim
Center for Plant Molecular Biology
Univ. Tuebingen

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