RT best enzyme? thermostable?

BjornP eped at online.no
Sat Dec 4 03:26:07 EST 1999

Life Technologies supply their Thermoscript.
You can find an article at:
it is an acrobat document.

Their Tech-On-Line at:
gives a lot of tech info on their products.


Michael Tuvim skrev i meldingen <829jif$toc$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>...
> Dear All:
>I once saw an ad for thermostable Reverse Transcriptase. Anybody could
>point a finger at it?
>Another thing: I used to do RT-PCR step by step, using my own protocol
>and individual components. With all those kits around may be I can save
>a lot of time.
>Your favourite kit for RT-PCR?
>Please advise.
>Thank you,
>Michael Tuvim
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