Open season on Taq

Roland Hübner rhubner at
Fri Dec 10 15:14:19 EST 1999

>>> Promega won:
>>  Yeah, but this is valid for US "only"...
> I guess the implications will work out . . .  the patent was declared
>to be obtained 'fraudently' . . . suit and counter-suit, I guess.


 I am just back from a talk about patent law in Europe vs. US... I asked 
the UK person that gave this talk whether this patent could be wiped 
away for all EC countries together... ==> nope; must be done for each 
country separately... 

 When explaining the types of fraud described above, it seemed clear 
that this will work... 

 However, now thinking it over, who would do this? Especially, given the 
time "necessary" to do so, the patent's validation period might be over, 

 Thusly, people can make, use and sell thermophilic pols now in US and 
countries without a running patent, but EC customers will have to 
continue (5?) more years under the granted monopoly and pay pol tax...

Have fun,

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