Differences between Detergents

Dima Klenchin klenchin at facstaff.REMOVE_TO_REPLY.wisc.edu
Mon Dec 13 13:00:47 EST 1999

In article <3854C76D.CF509B2A at uni-tuebingen.de>, Byung-Hoon Kim <byung-hoon.kim at uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
:Hi everyone,
:could anybody tell me the functional difference bwtween Triton X-100,
:Tween20 and NP-40?

The functional differences can be told only when one spells out the 
function :-))

Being different detergents, they have different properties. Tx-100 and
NP-40 are the same thing. Tween 20 is generally milder detergent
than the other two, lower CMC and is thus more difficult to get rid
of. It does not absorb UV as much as aromatic Tx-100 does. 

        - Dima

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