PCR amplification of the FULL 16S rDNA bacterial gene

rcaspi at ucsd.edu rcaspi at ucsd.edu
Sun Dec 19 16:06:12 EST 1999

I would like to sequence the end of the 16S rDNA gene from different
bacteria. The universal primers that we have stop about 150 bases
upstream of the end of the gene. Is there a universal primer outside
the gene (downstream the 3' end) that one could use to amplify the 3'
end of the gene? I know that PE Applied Biosystems sells a kit that
supposedly amplify the whole gene, so I suspect that there should be a
conserved spot downstream. However, I could not find the sequence of
their primers - they probably keep it secret.
If anyone knows anything about such a primer, please let me know,

Thanks, Ron

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