Myotubes transfection protocol wanted

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Wed Dec 22 12:46:25 EST 1999

Peter Ashby wrote:

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> > Hi all,
> >
> > Has anyone had success in transfecting human myotubes?
> > All input is welcome.
> >
> I don't fancy your chances with most transfection protocols since they
> usually require that the transfected cells are cycling and .....

Hi Peter,
I´ve never realized that transfection requires cycling cells (possibly almost
everyone uses cycling cells for her/his work).
Could you explain that a bit: What is affected (transfection efficiency, gene
expression...)?, what cell cycle phase is transfected best, etc.

and, most important question: WHY?

could you give references, own experiences, anything that makes us understand
whats going on?


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