transfection reagents - a second update

David L. Haviland dhavilan at
Wed Dec 22 17:34:30 EST 1999

> > Materials: cells of interest; 6-well plates; media; DNA to transfect;
> > PEI solution (we use the one of MW 25,000; one mole has 581 N atoms).
> > (The higher the PEI mol. weight the better, I was told. We use 25K
> > because it was conveniently supplied by the neighbouring lab as an
> > attachement to the protocol).
> >
> > ! An update: Our neighbour claims that only 25,000 MW works really well.
> > ! They buy it from Aldrich, cat. No 40,872-7

OK, so what is being said is that above and below 25K transfection
effiency falls off?

'Cause if 'the higher the better', then Sigma has P3143 with an average
MW of 60K?

This won't work?

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