Molecular nutrition???

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I'm not saying your right or wrong, but I'm curious as to your reasoning
why it would be "impossible".  Without actually knowing how the term is
being used or where the original poster saw it, I would interpret molecular
nutrition as a study of molecules (specifically those that are eaten) and
their role in the body.  For instance, studying how vitamins,
carbohydrates, and proteins are ingested, enzymatically altered and used as
sources of energy and cellular structure and then determining how this
effects the well being of the organism as a whole (presumably humans).
Certainly nothing easy about this, but not impossible.

Perhaps I've misunderstood what you meant.  I suppose if you were very
literal you might interpret it as meaning the nutrition of molecules which
could be quite confusing.  Or then maybe not, it's all an exercise in

Bill Nussbaumer

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Dear Lum,
I am very surprise about this term. I think that some people misunderstand
the term 'molecular'. It is impossible to have research about 'Molecular

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