Alkaline Phosphatase assays, p-nitrophenyl phosphate stock soln.

Wendy Ingram w.ingram at
Thu Feb 4 02:02:40 EST 1999

I am about to do some alkaline phosphatase assays on harvested tissue
culture cells. I have a protocol which uses absorbance at 410nM to
quantitate activity when p-nitrophenyl phosphate is used as a
substrate...    What I would like to find out is how to make a stock
solution of p-nitrophenyl phosphate and how to store it? Do I need to
dissolve it in any special buffer to keep it stable? Storage at -20?? or
should I make it fresh each time from powder???

I¹m keen to hear from any alkaline phosphatase assay experts out there. It
would be great also to hear any opinions/protocols on monitoring AP
activity generally before I make up my mind exactly which technique I will

Thanks in advance,

Wendy Ingram.

Wendy Ingram (PhD Student)
Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia

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